Citizen Science Project

The purpose of this study is to discover new information about symptoms and physical limitations in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). 

General Information

The purpose of this study is to discover new information about symptoms and physical limitations in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). Using a new application (app) developed for this purpose, regular exercises are carried out which offer a new method for recording and documenting progress. We will use this app to collect data on the progression of MS. We will use newly developed exercises to review neurological symptoms in a targeted manner in the future. The longterm goal is to use the obtained data for a better and more precise record of the individual disease progression and neurological deficits. Based on this data, individually adapted therapies and close monitoring of their effectiveness will be made possible in the future.

By participating in this study, you will help us to gain a deeper, more differentiated knowledge of the individual progression of the disease and symptoms of MS.

If new findings become evident during the study, you will be informed by e-mail via the MIDATA platform.

You can participate in this study, if you are over 18 years old and are willing to follow the study protocol for the two-week period.

Study Process

In the app, you have to register at MIDATA. You hereby give us your consent to evaluate your data.

As part of the study, three exercises will be performed: The Lines exercise, the Points exercise and the Symbols exercise. In the first phase of the study, the exercises are performed regularly over two weeks.

On the registration day (Day 1), you can register, fill in an initial questionnaire and perform the actual series of exercises. This completes your daily task. The following two days (Day 2 and 3) consist of the same series of exercises, but from this point on, you have the opportunity to repeat the exercises freely. After the first three days, a break of four days (Day 4-7) is planned. After the break, there again are two days (Day 8-9) during which you should perform the complete series of exercises at least once a day. Afterwards, there are no more scheduled exercises, but you have the possibility to do the exercise on your own. The intended sequence of exercises evaluates possible learning effects.

The exercises are at your free disposal at the end of the minimum study period. You can perform the exercises independently. Your data will continue to be stored in your MIDATA account and will be available for us for evaluation.

At the end of the study, after the inclusion of all test persons and the final evaluation, you will receive an evaluation of your results via your MIDATA account.


Your sole participation in the research project is not expected to result in any immediate personal benefit to you. However, the results of the study project may help to improve the understanding and targeted treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis in the future and to better understand the progression of the disease.

With your contribution, you power medical research. Thank you!